Wild Wood Gatherer


Earth honoring woodland talismans, salves and grounding + connecting oils, which helps you to grow deep roots in to a forest soil. All handmade with a respect towards the trees and plants.


Here is some examples of the postage costs from Finland to USA and outside of Europe: Strangely this is the order of the weight of an shipping. There is no 150g etc. between. But there is an Economy mail option which takes approximately few more weeks to come to you, but is almost half less than on Priority mail. If you have payed too much shipping I will refund it! As you can see it is bit difficult to know how much your order really weights. Thank you for understanding forest folk :-)

Priority Mail to USA & outside of Europe

100g 7,20 € ( one salve)
250g 11.00 € (couple of salves or approximately 3 other products)
500g 17.00 €

Didn't received your order? 

I will refund your order after 8 weeks. It is long way from Finland to other side of the world. Normally customers receives orders in USA within 3 weeks. Sometimes it can take a while longer. 

Canceling order?

It takes five days for me to cancel your order.