Wild Wood Gatherer


Notice that orders will be shipped in 13th of December. 

I wanted to create tree and forest inspired products, which would help to connect  with the forest and trees and it's healing plants. The scent of the pines and spruce resin relieves stress and grounds me, when I am unable to be in the forest. 

I do not use any essential oils in my products, so that the salve ingredients are truly gathered in the wild and the scent of the forest where I wander are real. 

Juniper (Juniperus communis), Juniper berries, Fir needles (Pinus sylvatica), resinous fir cones gathered in spring and Spruce needles ( Picea abies). Organic olive oil . Organic beeswax. 100ml / 3.4 oz tin. 

Please test little bit of this salve first, before beginning to use it more. Avoid while pregnant.
This product is not a medicine, but a way to connect with the earth. This salve is slightly warming, so you can use it for aching muscles. 

Label printed on a sage green eco paper.

If you purchase salves, I will send them wrapped and in a padded envelope to save the shipping costs. 

14.50 EUR
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